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Stock Research Overview

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"iTradely makes it easier to analyze stock in every way possible."

Analyst Recommendations with Price Targets

Learn what top institutional analysts are recommending about your stock and check where the price of the stock is expected to go.

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Analyst Rating
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Institutional Grade Sentiment Report

Institutional Grade Sentiment report to find out investor, news and social sentiment about the stock.

  • Investor Sentiment:

    Investor sentiment data based on trade positions. Learn what what position other investors taking on your stock.

  • News Sentiment:

    Discover if your stock is getting positive or negative news coverage. The data is updated daily.

  • Social Sentiment:

    Learn what people are talking about your stock on Social Media.

Stock Sentiment
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Earnings Estimates, History & Surprises

Access Earning Estimates, history and surprises from top institutional analysts.

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Earning Surprises

Insider Activity Report

Are insider executives buying or selling your stock at the moment? Access Insider Summary of last 6 months, including:

  • Insider Overview:

    An overview of the entire insider acivity of the company over the last 6 months, are they buying or selling?

  • Detailed Activity By Name & Position:

    Sometimes the overall summary is not enough, so check who inside the company is selling or buying the shares. Is it the CEO or the Directors?

  • Detailed Figures of Buy-Sell Activities

    You also get to see how many shares are the insiders actually buying or selling.

Insider Activity

Curated News That Matters

Your research remains incomplete without reading what news has to say about your stock. Why waste hours browsing News Channels and News Portals when you can read the most up to date, latest news right in your iTradely Dashboard?

  • Read News By Stock Name:

    Search and Select your stock from the dropdown and find the latest curated news about your stock.

  • Find News By Market:

    Sort and find news by Market. We currently cover Stock, CryptoCurrencies and Forex Market News.

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Stock News

That's not all of it, there's more:

Technical Analysis

is it a Buy or Sell based on Technical Indicators? Daily signals based on 17 technical indicators.

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Key Stats

Dig deeper into research, access key stats of companies right from your iTradely Dashboard.

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Full Financials

Access up to date financial data in a click, right in your iTradely dashboard.

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