Zoom Video Communications, Inc. ZM: $427.55

55 Almaden Boulevard, San Jose, CA, US. | Sector: Technology Services | Exchange: NASDAQ | Web: http://www.zoom.us

  • Market Cap$121.60B
  • Next Earning Date2020-11-30
  • Change (52 Weeks)473.51%
  • Low (52 Weeks)$62.02
  • Insider Activity

    Sold Shares
    The Insiders have sold -55,268 shares in the last 6 months.

    Insider Activity of Last 6 Months

    Total Bought
    Total Sold
    Chief Financial OfficerKelly S. Steckelberg39,630-44,264
    DirectorJonathan C. Chadwick20,000-20,000
    DirectorBart K. Swanson48,500-48,500
    DirectorPeter P. Gassner3,556-723
    Chief Revenue OfficerRyan Azus87,950-131,687
    DirectorSanti Subotovsky76,381-73,168
    DirectorKimberly L. Hammonds12,500-12,500
    Chief Accounting Officer1,520-1,591
    Chief Executive Officer; DirectorEric S. Yuan1,237,142-1,237,142
    Chief Operating OfficerAparna Bawa27,817-90,000
    DirectorJanet Ann Napolitano6080
    Chief Accounting OfficerShane Crehan11,0470
    Chief Marketing OfficerJanine Pelosi47,325-46,875
    DirectorHerbert Raymond McMaster3,187-354
    Pres. of Engineering & ProductVelchamy Sankarlingam42,0600

    What is Insider Activity?

    Insider activity refers to company insiders, usually top order executives and directors, buying and selling shares of the company.

    The legendary investment manager, Peter Lynch once said, "Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise.”

    When insiders (Directors, CEO, CTO and other top-level executives) of a company are buying shares, it provides more confidence for Outsiders (Traders) to speculate that the company’s stock price might increase, which leads them to take more buy positions, driving the share value higher.

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