Mexco Energy Corp (MXC) Financials - Complete Data

Mexco Energy Corp MXC: $8.72

415 W Wall St Ste 475, Midland, Texas, US. | Sector: Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction | Exchange: NYSE MKT LLC | Web:

Mexco Energy Corp (MXC) Full Financials Data

Mexco Energy Corp (MXC) Key Stats

Moving Average (200 Days)$8.47
Moving Average (50 Days)$9.14
Avg Volume (10 Days)70,256
Avg Volume (30 Days)155,340
Dividend Rate (TTM)0
Dividend Yield0
Last Dividend Date
PE Ratio0
1 Yr Change 49%
This Yrs' Change 47%
6 Mnths' Change 4%
3 Months' Change17%
30 Days Change -8%
5 Days Change 3%
Max Change 45%

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