ImmunityBio Inc (IBRX) Earnings Date & Estimates

ImmunityBio Inc IBRX: $11.27

3530 John Hopkins Ct, San Diego, California, US. | Sector: Manufacturing | Exchange: NASDAQ/NGS (GLOBAL SELECT MARKET) | Web:

ImmunityBio Inc (IBRX) Stock Earning Per Share (EPS) Forecast / Estimate

The average consensus EPS for IBRX is $-0.122 with a high estimate of $-0.126 and Low of $-0.118 for the period 2021-09-30 and based on 3 Institutional Analysts.

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What is Earnings Per Share (EPS) and Why is it Important?

EPS, or Earning Per Share, can tell a lot about a stock’s performance. It’s calculated by dividing a company’s profit by the number of outstanding shares of its common stocks.

In layman’s term, earnings is an indicator of a company’s profitability. Higher the earnings, the more profitable a company is.
Some traders pick stocks solely based on EPS or earnings Analysis, it is a very powerful indicator of a stock’s price.

Before you buy a stock, check the company’s earnings History and Surprises. A Surprise happens when a company reports a much higher or lower actual earnings/EPS than the forecasted earnings/EPS.

If a company reports higher EPS surprises consistently, analysts keep raising their estimates, traders become more confident in the company, driving the share price higher.

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